Pacific Northwest Powercat

This conservatively styled power catamaran was designed to meet the requirements of day boating in the Pacific North West and its performance certainly belies its looks.

Twin 260hp diesel stern legs offer a sprint speed in light ship condition of 40 knots and an easy cruise of 35 knots. Even with 500 litres of fuel, 100 litres of water, dive gear and five passengers on board, the boat still achieves 37 knots.

Importantly, the boat is also able to maintain 30 knot cruise speeds with an outstandingly smooth ride in rough water conditions that would have similar length monohulls crashing and pounding to uncomfortable if not unsafe extents.

In day boat configuration, the design offers a spacious double cabin and an equally large shower and head compartment with guests bunking down on the convertible berth/dinette in the surprisingly roomy saloon. 

The catamaran configuration offers a number of different layout options, including a second double or twin share cabin, making the boat more practical for extended cruising.

For those with less of a need to cruise at high speed and with a lesser budget, the hulls on this design can also be reconfigured to more efficient, slower speed displacement forms. These hulls will return 20 knot cruise speeds for significantly less horsepower with a proportionately lower outlay on engines and fuel.

The vessel was built by Calibre Boatbuilders NZ Ltd. 

9.7 m
4.0 m
2 x 260 hp
1100 litres
32 knots
40 knots
390 nautical miles