Wavepiercer Giga-Yacht

This grand design has been developed for a client wanting the ultimate in spacious luxury and functionality. The vast internal volume combined with improved seakeeping and passage making speeds of the wavepiercer platform are key factors in this decision.

A contemporary monohull superyacht would need to be approximately 120m long to achieve an equivalent interior while the total installed engine power would be comparatively enormous to achieve a 40 knot top speed. Add to this the fact that a monohull form optimised to be capable of 40 knots would not be as efficeint at lower passage making speed, therefore making the catamaran a sound ecological and financial choice.

The scale of this vessel allows accommodations to spread across six levels offering privacy and separation for owner, guests and crew. Day living spaces are spread over a large area - both inside and out that offer multiple choices about how and where owner and guests can spend their time aboard.

Accommodations are provided for:

2 in the full width upper deck master suite
2 in the full width mid deck suite
6 in 3 x VIP large multi-room apartments
8 in 4 x VIP apartments
6 in 3 x skipper/master/pilot cabins
28 in 14 x crew cabins

Novel features include:

A large underwater viewing loungeHelicopter landing/handling/refueling facilities

On-board garaging ramp for 2 x full size SUV's and 10 x motorbikes\

4 x integrated tender / toy garages - 2 of which open to form water leveltender docking platforms

Large cinema, gym, sauna, disco games conference rooms

All guest apartments are fitted with spa pools

A formal dining room for all guests

Aft elevator platform 

86 m
Alloy or Composite
24 m
40 knots