Wavepiercer Mega-Yacht

Big sister to the 26m Wave Piercer Ultimate Lady, this striking design utilises the most efficient catamaran hull form ever tested at the Australian Maritime Colleges test tank facility. Coupled with an 11500kW power plant, the hydrodynamic hulls allow a sprint capability of 40 knots yet permit a cruising range of over 3600 nautical miles. Constructed in aluminium alloy or composite materials, the yacht displaces approximately 550 tonnes. A digitally controlled active ride control systems coupled to the additional buoyancy of the elegantly sweeping centre hull promises a magic carpet ride well proven in large vessels of this form.

With a beam approaching 20m, the 50m Wave Piercer boasts accommodation levels comparable to an 80m monohull, featuring interior layouts and designs specifically tailored to the preferences of the owner. The clearly stated intention of the LOMOcean Design team is to provide a full interactive service to the owner of each vessel, the resulting yacht must be the culmination of a dream. Marrying elegant and timeless good looks with modern technology, the 50m Wave Piercer is a truly stunning motor yacht.

The 50m Wavepiercer was also the winner of the 1998 Spruce Goose Design Competition.

51 m
Alloy or Composite
15 ~ 19.2 m
16000 hp
160000 litres
10 ~ 25 knots
36 knots
8500 nautical miles