Quad-Deck Wavepiercer MY

A comprehensive detailed design package has been completed by LOMOcean Design to enable yards to accurately price this extraordinary vessel. The craft is intended to fulfil the role of a high quality, private motor yacht, with the certification and capabilities of operating commercially in a luxury charter role supporting up to twelve guests and fourteen crew for both short and extended cruises. The vessel will be subject to Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification. The vessel will also comply with the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Code of Practice for Safety of Large Commercial Sailing and Motor Vessels.

Helicopter landing and servicing facilities have been incorporatred into the upper aft deck level, which also accomodates a swimming pool.

Large garages are incorporated into the demihull aft quarters to accomodate, launch and retrieve the onboard water toys. The crew, stores and guest entrances are separated to ensure privacy for the guests. All entrances are fitted with hydraulically deployable gangways which can slew and luff to provide acces from a tender or from dockside.

An elevator platform is located on the aft main deck between the two demi-hulls, lowering from wing deck height to 0.2m (8) below the waterline. In its raised position, the platform allows permanent stowage of the 9.5m motor boat tender or forms the external aft deck area of the main deck level. 

43 m
Alloy & Composite
15.5 m
4 x 3400 hp
210000 litres
25 knots
30 knots
5000 nautical miles