This boat is intended to fulfil the role of a quality, privately operated pleasure boat with charter capabilities, but is generally optimised for short duration coastal family cruising and sport fishing. Some charter operation is envisaged, so design and constructed is to New Zealand MSA Restricted Coastal survey requirements and will operate under the Safe Ship Management scheme. The vessel will most likely be based in Tauranga, although it may also be operated from a Coromandel boat shed. Therefore, launch and retrieval are possible from a public boat ramp using a custom built trailer. The boat may also be trailered on public roads with the appropriate over-width permits and pilots, and does not exceed 5m trailered height, thus diminishing requirements for lifting of power lines.

Construction is from medium-tech foam sandwich composite, utilizing epoxy resins, cross-linked PVC foams and E-glass stitched/knitted reinforcements. Some carbon fibre unidirectional material is specified in stiffness critical members where it is considered cost effective to do so. Carbon fibre lifting lugs, similar to integral chain plates used on sailing boats, are incorporated into the structure of the vessel allowing the boat to be crane lifted without wrapping strops around the hull. 

The arrangement is divided into four basic areas the forward sleeping compartments, the main saloon/helm station and galley, the head and shower compartment and the cockpit.

The two forward sleeping compartments are entered via hatches let into the bulkhead each side of the helm station at the forward end of the saloon. No standing head room is available in these cabins, although there is some sitting headroom at the aft end of the bunk. Each cabin is identical, mirrored about centreline and houses a standard, inner sprung queen sized mattress. A shelf to the outboard side of the bunk provides a stowage space for soft bags, books and personal gear. A 450mm square hatch is located in the deck head and admits light, fresh air and serves as an emergency escape hatch.

The main saloon area is accessed via an 850mm wide entry door in the cockpit bulkhead. The galley is located along the starboard side of this volume and comprises a work bench finished in selected Trezzinni (acrylic) with a stainless steel basin. A single lever mixer delivers hot and cold fresh water to the basin.A wall mounted combined microwave/convection oven is mounted above the bench and a four burner gas hob is located adjacent to the basin. Stowage lockers for dry stores or crockery and glassware are mounted above the work bench at the after end of the galley. An opening hatch in the cockpit bulkhead at the aft end of the galley allows serving of food and drinks directly to a corner unit located at the forward end of the cockpit. Stowage lockers for crockery, cleaning equipment and dry stores, plus drawers for cutlery etc are located under the bench top.

The dinette is located to port and is comprised of an inbuilt dinette seat, for two persons. The face of the seat base and kick panel is constructed of teak ply and locker space is available under the seat base. The squabs are custom made and finished in selected leather. A custom made table suitable for mounting in either the saloon or cockpit is located adjacent to the dinette seating. Two foldable chairs are also able to be arranged around this table.

The head and shower compartments are separate from each other and are both entered from the cockpit. The shower compartment measures a nominal 700x900mm. The sole is tiled with non-skid rubber. A slide shower with single lever mixer is fitted and delivers both hot and cold fresh water. The outboard side of the shower compartment incorporates a dry locker, where clothes and towels can be placed to remain dry whilst the shower is in use.

The cockpit measures a nominal 3.5m square. Hatches in the sole permit access to each engine room and a central hatch in way of the central nacelle provides access to a small locker suitable for stowing two dive bottles, gaffs, boat hooks and scrubbing brushes. A unit in the starboard corner offers locker space and a bench top and allows food and drinks to be served directly from the galley to the cockpit via an opening hatch in the bulkhead. The gas bottle is located in this corner locker, which is appropriately vented overboard. Bulwark lockers are located along each side of the cockpit for stowage of minor items.

A cockpit station is located aft of the cockpit entry bulkhead and incorporates a hand wash basin, rubbish bin and stowage lockers. A freezer is also located in this station and is arranged such that food items, ice, bait etc can be stowed in separate plastic barrels, avoiding cross contamination and minimising cleaning requirements of the freezer surfaces. A driven raw water wash down facility and fire hose outlet, in accordance with MSA requirements, is also mounted on the aft cockpit station.

A fishing platform protrudes approximately 1m aft of the cockpit station and incorporates a means of mounting a filleting table and bait board, such that all mess can be readily swept overboard and away from the cockpit station. Rod holders are incorporated into the side decks of the cockpit and at selected places on the cockpit station. 

10.7 m
4.2 m
2 x 315 hp
1000 litres
25 knots
40 knots
300 nautical miles