Police Strike Craft

The Royal Malaysian Police has used fifteen craft built to this design since 1996. The high performance and safe handling characteristics of the craft have been very well received by the operators. LOMOcean Design has since updated the design to include some enhancements, as well as to update the general styling of vessel in order to give it a more modern look.

The hull form features a multi conically developed underbody that provides low resistance whilst maintaining very smooth riding attributes. The deadrise is 24 degrees aft flowing forward into a deep and fine forefoot. The hull also features a 200mm wide ski plank to provide lift at low speeds and immense high speed stability.

The helm station is positioned aft of midships to provide reduced pitching moment on the crew and is slightly elevated to provide good vision at all speeds. The station incorporates four custom made helm and crew chairs based on offshore power boat designs, the chairs are supported by dual gas shock absorbers to reduce crew fatigue and increase comfort. All engine controls and electronics are ergonomically positioned to provide comfortable and practical use. Ammunition racks are positioned at the port forward. The helm station floor is covered with 12mm high density EVA foam that provides unsurpassed non skid grip as well as providing shock absorption, the material also reduces noise and resonance. The craft is fitted with a removable sun canopy that is stowed below in the forward rest area when not in use.

Four cubic metres of solid urethane foam flotation is distributed throughout the craft to provide the craft with the ability to float in even and level trim if totally swamped.

The crew rest cabin is positioned forward and provides berthing for four crew, the cabin has ventilation hatches and 1.7 metres headroom. Safety equipment is stowed under the berths along with other additional equipment.

The windshields are constructed from toughened armourplate glass housed in an extruded aluminum frame. A light weight collapsible canopy can be simply attached to the windshield to provide shelter form the sun, wind and rain.

10 m
3.1 m
0.6 ~ 0.8 m
2 x 230 hp
800 litres
35 knots
45 knots
400 nautical miles