4m - Penguin Integrated Trailer Boat

When a client approached LOMOcean with a dream to revolutionize the boat ramp and towing experience for the typical power boat user, we shared his vision and were excited about the potential.

LOMOcean partnered with the client to develop a small run-about that is a breeze to launch and retrieve, while being simpler and more cost effective than existing amphibious boats on the market. The result of years of testing and prototyping is the Penguin 4m- a boat with an integrated road legal trailer!


This design solution dramatically improves the ease and safety of launching and retrieving whether at a ramp or a beach. The added benefit of removing the trailer means that standard car parks can be used at popular ramps where trailer parks often fill up fast. Trailer maintenance is reduced, as the design utilizes the composite hull structure in place of the typical trailer frame, while stainless steel components are used where possible.


The Penguin 4m went through an exhaustive testing program to ensure the final system was simple, intuitive and seamless while the boat still met on water performance targets. After much refinement, the result is an elegant yet effective solution that remains price competitive to similarly sized trailer boats (with trailer).

LOMOcean paid special attention to optimizing for production build, using many off the shelf parts and generally reducing construction complexity.


Visit Penguin Boats for more information and purchasing options (presently only available in New Zealand).