8m - Solas Polar

This compact research boat was the product of a two year collaborative design process between the scientific community and experienced marine technicians. The goal was to create a rugged and functional scientific research support vessel that would be at home operating in harsh areas around Alaska and the Arctic Circle.  


Extensive consideration has been given for operation in broken ice conditions, with the option to completely shield the drive system from ice. The compact house offers good weather protection and crew comfort, while maintaining ease of access forward and aft.


The vessel presents an excellent research platform- and when offered with a hybrid drive is capable of operating at near zero sound signature for up to 20 nautical miles.


The clean work deck is large in relation to the overall vessel length, and can be fitted with a transom A-frame and J-frame davit for overboarding equipment. The deck is also designed to accommodate a fully instrumental scientific winch, with 2000+m of wire and 600lb of pull.


Space for a substantial 28” x 28” open or closed hull sonar well has been provided. The hull plate closure may also be of any material to suit transducer specifications. There is even opportunity for interchangeable drop in transducers to be used.  


Lifting on/off ships and high ground may be done with a single point lift- eliminating the need for additional lifting cradles and equipment.


Possible research uses:

  • Vertical casting of instrumentation - CTD deployment to 2000 m
  • Light weight bottom grab
  • Vertical net tows
  • Towing typical ring nets and light bottom trawls
  • Small fish pots or traps
  • Shallow tow body support
  • Sonar well options
  • Scientific diving support
  • Marine mammal / Cetacean research / tagging.
  • Multiple voltage & current options for service power.
8m (hull only)
Aluminium Alloy
2.7m (hull only)
~0.7m (including ice drive)
2 x 279 horsepower
Up to 35 knots depending on powering and options