44m - Atlas Support Vessel

Designed to preliminary stage for Diverse Projects, the robust and powerful Atlas class specifically targets the support vessel market with a multi-role catamaran capable of being configured for a wide variety of tasks.

A major design challenge involved the creation of a large, stable, sea kindly platform with big working deck, whilst remaining less than 500 gross tonnes - a description of the enclosed volume of the vessel, generally used to define cargo carrying capacity - but also a defining limit, after which classification requirements become substantially more onerous and costly.


Atlas will be offered as a base boat with multiple options that include a certified heli-pad (EC130), Jet-A fuel storage, ROV launch, retrieve and support facilities, mini-sub support, A-frame gantry, knuckle boom deck crane, daughter boat storage, launch and recovery, containerized accommodation and dive modules, dynamic positioning etc.


The catamaran format lends itself to some innovations in tender handling, including a large transom elevator platform, removing the dangers associated with a large daughter vessel swinging from a single point lift.  The catamaran configuration also allows tenders to be drawn up alongside the mothership rather than across the transom as is common with mono-hulls.


Construction will be aluminium to LR class with powering options available for service speeds of well over 20 knots. Atlantic crossing range possible at passage making speeds.


Unlike similar existing production built offerings to the support vessel market, Atlas remains highly customizable; specifications, arrangement and even overall dimensions can be tailored to match individual client requirements.


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Aluminium Alloy
12-18 knots
Up to 30 knots depending on powering and options
4000+ nautical miles