Craig Loomes (RINA, SNAME)
Director, Naval Architect

A professional boat builder, Craig is also an award winning naval architect with a flair for styling and ergonomics as well as an intuitive feel for the design of efficient hull forms validated by theory, test tank and many blue water miles.
11000 miles of offshore sailing, successful top level dinghy racing and the winning of power boat trophies assures the practical ergonomics of all LOMOcean Marine boats.
A meticulous thinker, Craig has an eye for detail and a passion for excellence which is applied not only to the varied technical aspects of boat and yacht design, but to the thousands of aesthetic and ergonomic subtleties that combine to form good design.
A firm foundation based on many years of boat building has generated a LOMOcean Marine philosophy focussed on practical boats, strong on innovation with strikingly good looks.

Andre Moltschaniwskyj(NZCE mech, BE mech)
Director, Senior Engineer

Qualified with a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Andre joined LOMOcean Marine as a major shareholder in early 1998 having worked as a consulting engineer with Craig over a number of years.
Andre brings to the company over a decade of composite structural design experience on boats ranging from high volume production runabouts to top level, custom built race and super yachts.
Formerly a senior engineer with leading composite materials technology company, High Modulus, he has a broad range of expertise including business development and sales experience.
Andre also spent a number of years in Britain in a senior consulting role, working with clientele across mainland Europe on the structural design of large sailing and motor yachts.
Carrying overall responsibility not only for the structural elements of the design of LOMOcean Marine boats, Andre is also heavily involved in development and management of the company as well as a first point of contact for inquiry to the business and on going client liaison.

Kirsty Loomes
Director, Financial Controller

A talented financial manager, Kirsty has been with LOMOcean Marine since it was formed and brings many years of experience in the boating industry with several different companies in roles including financial control, customer service and marketing, and draughting.

Along with taking overall responsibility for the financial management of the company, Kirsty also has a serious management contribution via her seat on the Board of Directors. 

Kirsty was responsible for overall project financial control throughout the build of the multi-million dollar 26m wavepiercer Ultimate Lady.