Technology Transfer

Because such a strong and complete suite of skills exists at LOMOcean Marine the company has been involved in technology transfer programmes around the world, working either to set up new yards, or assist the growth of existing yards in places as diverse as Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand and Mauritius.

In Mauritius for example, the yard started simply as a panel steel shed over a concrete pad with no other facilities available. LOMOcean Marine sourced expatriate staff from New Zealand to train and manage the local labour force  most with almost no existing boat building skills - and none with experience in the epoxy, foam sandwich custom boat building techniques required. LOMOcean Marine sourced and supplied the entire tools, machinery and disposables package required to set up the yard and provided advice on layout and administration.

LOMOcean Marine also provided 99% of the materials and equipment required to construct the finished 24m motor yacht, including tooling, composite materials, machinery, interior and exterior fitout materials, systems machinery, plumbing, wiring etc.

LOMOcean Marine offered daily telephone and e-mail support to the yard in Mauritius from New Zealand some 11,000km away throughout the construction period. Principals also visited during the build and were present for launching and sea trials to ensure the success of the project.

LOMOcean Marine assisted a yard that was already set up to produce welded aluminium boats, supplying computer designed flat pack kit sets for a production run of fifteen, 10m, 40 knot Police strike craft.

This was later followed up with the successful tender for a nine boat production run of 16m, 45 knot interceptor craft for the Royal Malaysian Customs to LOMOcean Marine.

The tender specification called for advanced composite construction, which required LOMOcean Marine input not only in production of structural engineering drawings stamped by Det Norske Veritas, but in the supply of machinery and skilled ex-pat personnel to train the local workers in advanced composite construction techniques.

LOMOcean Marine also provided computer cut mould tooling to the yard quite an innovative step a decade ago, which permitted the extremely rapid production of first plugs, then moulds for the boats.

Nine boats were produced, with the prototype achieving 52 knots in sea trials  7 knots faster than contract speed.
The success of these patrol boats has seen LOMOcean Marine working directly with Malaysian Customs on the design of 60 and 65 knot interceptor craft, drawing on experience designing 85 mph racing ski boats for New Zealand clients.

LOMOcean Marine offers specific, targeted technology transfer skills, which coupled with our design and composite structural engineering expertise combines to offer a formidable design and build team.

LOMOcean Marine assisted in the set up of a facility to construct a custom 25m wavepiercer catamaran motoryacht, using the wood working skills already existing in Egypt, but combining these with modern composite boat building techniques to create a timber composite motor yacht.

Because the venture was new, LOMOcean Marine assisted with much of the administrative elements associated with boat yard set up and advice on procurement of materials and equipment. LOMOcean Marine have also sourced New Zealand boat builders to act in a supervisory and training role.


In China, LOMOcean Marine were again heavily involved in the initial stages of the project, sourcing New Zealand team leaders and boat builders to set up production systems and training programs at a facility that has ambitions of becoming the biggest pleasure boat manufacturer in Northern China inside the next two or three years.

The start up project is a 16m wavepiercer catamaran motor pleasure boat constructed in infused vinylester foam sandwich composites. Unusually for a design office, LOMOcean Marine also assisted the start up company with development of production, marketing and overall business plans, revealing the depth and breadth of their knowledge of the international marine industry.