The nature of the New Zealand marine industry is one with a hands on, make it work approach and many new techniques for working with composite materials were invented or developed in New Zealand to the extent where construction methods particularly for large, custom one-off projects that are used routinely in New Zealand are either unheard of, or only little used in other countries.

A significant number of LOMOcean Marine staff have strong practical skills with composite materials and have a wide range of capabilities, competent with standard low tech GRP, but also with the capability to work with advanced high tech composite materials as well.

This expertise results in drawings packages that are created not only to fulfill technical requirements for load carrying, but also to be practical, efficient and cost effective to build. It also allows LOMOcean Marine to implement technology transfer programmes into developing nations, or those where experience working with composite materials is limited. And, where we don't have specific production engineering knowledge, we have substantial industry involvements and external sub contract expertise that we can call upon.